Ms Edwards - AP OE Get sent to the office!!

Just for the record, I never served that detention time. 

reba kay

Reba Pope
Band Rehearsal

I remember being at rehearsal one evening... It was one of those late evenings, when lo an behold, it started to rain...

Mr Brooks looked at us, lined us up. And made us repeat

"It is not raining, I am not wet"

we were all soaked, and it was pouring rain!!!

Leslie M
Word Up

That was the song the band played @ pep rallies. Our band really knew how to get the crowd pumpin'! And I do remember the football cheerleaders. HILARIOUS!!

Paxon Eagles Football-Coach Rob Jennis(My top Eagle)
Coach Rob Jennis, still today I view as a father.  He's helped more young men rise to the occasion.  He's the #1 reason Paxon went from 1-9,2-8, to 8-2.  There's nothing like rising to the same level of the Paxon Eagles Marching Band.  Throughout school, Jacksonville, Florida, and now California. There's no mentor, I've come acrossed that touches his level.  Life Skills was the biggest thing he taught his soldiers. The Raines game, they had probably the best receiver Tyrone Nealey in the South.  Every team around played him with 2 and 3 people.  Coach Jennis told me, Aaron aka Prime, do you want him. I said, "Yes sir".  He averaged 150 yds a game/ I held him to 28 yards in 1 on 1 coverage.  It wasn't my ability, It was the fact that coach could have put Malk and me on him.  He made his Eagle Soar,  Florida State, Miami, all the D1 schools were drooling for me now. That dang S.A.T. I still have that burn in me, now spreading Florida Style training and mentoring throughout Southern California.  I couldn't face Coach Jennis If I wasn't doing something positive.  Most of his student athletes are following in his footsteps, even my lil 9 and 1/2's.   There's numerous stories I can tell, yet my Mentor Coach Jennis gets this one.  All the way out here in Cali.  My student athletes chant "I have 1- and only 1- ambition-in life-to be the best- whatelse is there" That's our Marchinh Band.  That will always stick with me.  You'll keep putting down like the ish is too heavy- Thanks for your time- Aaron "Prime" Goodman #3 Paxon,Sr. High 1992-school records 4.27 40 still standing/ I'm at a 4.38 right now ha! ha! Never Quit, where's Spencer Crowder the biggest applause for Graduation in the Assembly.  I'm out for real now.  Love You'll
Aaron "Prime"